Hot or Flop?

Me personally thinks Solange actually looks better with her hair likes this, it parts her from that "Beyonce's little sister" phase so to speak but still what do you think?

How about the arm swinging sisters Serena and Venus Williams?
Do I even have to ask about Gabriell & Kelly?
How about Chris Brown with his shirt............-_-?

Or the Black Eye Peas at a Playboy Superstar Party?

What do you think of J.D Dapper style?
How about Fonzworth Bentley & his Loafers?

There's no amount of words that could some up this video right here its just that powerful:
Again I encourage everyone to donate what ever you can to the people of Haiti, they are still in need of help I posted the link to red cross on the upper left corner of my blog if you wish to help Please & Thank You.
Just Had An Epiphany
I just realized that I basically wrote a book with-ought evening knowing it, well sure the book would pretty much scrambled but it would still turn out to be a good book lol, I'm talking about this blog by this way Saluters & another random fact just popped into my head I might as well just change my major to Journalism right? cause I'm always blogging so might as well turn blogging into a Career right?....{Awkward Moment!} But anywho check:

*Kelis rocking out in Complex Mag          
                                                                     * While Rihanna Does her thing on the Cover of I-D mag
Day Dreaming...
"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."
~Glade Byron Addams