Good Ol' Days

Heads up this is a random post: I was having a chat with what seems like an "over seas" friend of mind, & we reminisced about the ol' days. When candy was the best thing on earth and they all where either 5¢,10¢,15¢,25¢ or 50¢ now, pfft might as well by the little sucker McDonald's cause everything is a dollar:

Wow right? But the best one of all to me was......

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I Wear My Sun Glasses At Night

You haven't lived life if you never herd that song before....But any who stars are being spotted out and about in these Super Frank II sunglasses. These feature a black frame with an white stripe along the bridge [Sick!]. Giving a retro feel blended with a current look. Perfect for a look that’s not trying to hard. Retailed at $169
 "...Nice" [Fab Voice]

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Janelle Monae Hits Honey Magazine
Honey magazine current cover girl Ms. Monae is finally receiving her long over due buzz…

Janelle touches on everything from here music to Diddy & her “staple” Tuxedo…

“What does your closet look like? Is the tux really your daily uniform?
Exactly like that. I bathe in it, I swim in it, and I could be buried in it.  A tux is such a standard uniform, it’s so classy and it’s a lifestyle I enjoy. The tux keeps me balanced. I look at myself as a canvas. I don’t want to cloud myself with too many colors or I’ll go crazy. It’s an experiment I’m doing. I think I want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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