Ear Sex

The Paper (I Get It)- 50cent

Cool Head- Travis Barker ft Kid Cudi

Should've Kissed You- Chris Brown                   

Your Love (Remix) Dirty Money ft Rick Ross & Trey Songz

We Back Soon- Lil Wayne 

The Race- Wiz Khalifa 

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TOXiC Said

I'm Back!!!!! 

I know I said this before but to be honest, I was felt like no one was really reading my blog, so as profile views slowed down as well as well as followers I did to, Why waste my time I thought. But a wise man once said "If you lead in the dark, the true believers shall follow..." well surely enough that was one creep wise man but it actually made sense to me. So despite the fact the a lot of people have already crossed over on to the enemy side (Tumblr) I'll plant my feed where my seeds lay right here on blogspot & continue creating great post that you all know and love.

Now can I get a AMEN?

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Random Things About Me... 

Well to start off I'm from:

I'm really really really addicted to this, but my mother think I should just do this: 

I'm currently into all types of new hip hop but my favorite rapper now is:
 (.....The guy on the left that is lol)
I'm the youngest of: 

I'm currently:

(years of age that it)

I still can't get over the fact that my president dose this regularly: 

Other then that I'm just a normal: 

Oh yeah & to everyone with a Tumblr: 

Anyone with a brain knows that Blogspot is 10 times better.

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