Old Fart
 What? Lol he is, Anyways R.Kelly is still at it and proving to all new R&B artist that he is still in fact King of R&B with his newest single "Echo". Disregard the terrible settings in this video its cause he shot this from an home camera, umm yeah enjoy:

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Simple & Clean 

Say Hello to, the new Chanel Quilted Denim sneaker ($650) from the Spring/Summer collection. Summer is definitely making its way.  Although these sneakers were created for a woman I can already see men buying them self's a pair. Its Vans/Converse looks gives it a clean appearance that will compliment any jean perfectly.

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Would You Be Mine

 Check out ::Smoking hot!:: Chanel Iman strut her stuff for Allure Magazine:


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Say It Ain't SO

The Couple that you thought would last forever recently broke up according to Essence Magazine.I'm soo disappointed right now! Just when I was sure there was pure love in the air, they go and do this! Check out the story:

New Banks

Quick Thoughts:

* The Beat A+
* Lloyd Bank's style -_-...hes in G~unit
* Lyrics A++
* Tony Yayo sucks
* 50 Cent is horrible at directing videos 
* No Like he really bad I could've' done a better job .....seriously.
* Good attempt though, for trying to put New York back in the rap game.

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The Baddest
⇑So on Trina's New Album Cover "Amazing" she choose to go with whole Beyoncé look, you know⇑ what I mean brown hair, lace front, pink lip gloss & cream gown, Hey I'm not hating just stating. Its also funny how shes the only female rapper that didn't enhance her self surgically... & she's been out much longer then the "others" that did..hmp interesting, But ways is it just me or does she looks like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz!

☺My Bad ✌

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LoL :-)
It wasn't till I looked at this pic twice that I realized that there sneakers are doing ....well the naughty,  if you don't understand it then You my friend fail at life, BUT moving along this creation by Nike is a bit out of there norm from there normal line, I guess finally some one on Nike's board found Humor within them self's to this item hit the shelf's, hmp just wait till soccer Moms find out what really going on their kids shirts Lol:

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Its Badu Ish*
:::Her Glasses are so sick:::

So Erykah Badu decided to go with the "screw it look" on her way to the Wendy Williams show lol, But Saluters let this be a lesson to you all. Don't worry about what other people think. Do what you want when you want. "Cause its never whats in Fashion its whats your Fashion".

{That's my quote still it and I'll sue!}

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