Zac Posen Fall 2010 Lookbook 

 Zac Posen launched his new clothing line Z Spoke at Saks Fifth Avenue, The line is basically based on separates such as knits, cotton shirting and blazers. Bright, vivid colors fused with clean silhouettes and edgy, sophisticated design brings together the needs and desires of the modern woman at an accessible price point. Prices start at $78.00:
Rock, Paper, Scissors Says ...Wood?
So Casio decided there not done with there G-Shock movement, and idea's where running slim I mean they did plastic, gold, platinum & sliver so heck might as well go .....Wood! Yup this new G-Shock has a wood frame and plastic water proof band.I'm such an advocate of anything different so it gets a plus from me, hm what do you think about it? 

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Bleu Magazine

Waddup Blogger, Bleu Magazine (No I didn't spell it wrong lol) is a respected source of news, fashion and the latest trends. Just in case you missed it Saluters , check out this fashion editorial spread:

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Damm Homie in H.S You Was The Man Homie
  High School:Averaged 22.1 points, 5.5 assists, 5.2 rebounds, 2.0 steals per game his senior season 

Mr. John Wall was the man in H.S school as a senior killing it on the court and was even a highly anticipated player in college he even has his own dance that actually is quite common all over Kentucky...No like seriously. But this year John failed to live up to exceptions as his team lost to WVU (West Virgina University) in the final four 66-73. {Ouch!} I was really rooting for him though, although a bit frail he does however have the skills to me to make it to the N.B.A BUT to play it safe I would prefer him stay one more year in college to guarantee it.

 It'll be oh.k guys theirs always next year.

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Ouu Toxic You So Crazy

So Tiny & Toya are destined to label them self's as something else then the obvious, (T.I & Lil Wayne's baby mothers ) Like that would ever work. But I have to be honest this is a beautiful cover of them on Hype Hair Magazine latest magazine keep it up lady's.
Word right I don't know what happen in this post its like I started writing it, then half way threw it I blanked out so I said screw & kept this post not to let this post go to waste remember this!:

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If Looks Could Kill Then My Style Should Give You Nausea

Aw man Mr. Loso is at it again, shortly after his latest killer mix tape he recently drop this music video called "Body yah" & well the name speaks for it self so umm enjoy:

Shoe Stalker: Jeremy Scott Wing Adidas


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