The fact that they labeled this video as Jimmy Neutron alone, had me in tears throughout the whole video enjoy:

You gotta love how he really gets into it toward the middle of the song go...... Jimmy go Jimmy go!!!

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::In a dark & creepy voice::

Nike Air Turf Diamonds I will have you....


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Not A Fan Of But I'll Look Cool In This...

North skull Jesus & King Tut piece:

6243 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 466-1173
You Be Killin Em - Loso Ft Ryan Lesile

Now everyone knows about Fabolous lyrical game, now add that to a Ryan Lesile beat........"Niiice!!!"

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Manio Slap's Jenks

Its kinda long but worth the length, enjoy as an average (White Guy) Jenks takes you into the life of Manio:

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Little Ms. Smith 

So I guess that Willow Smith got tired of just being in the background of the rest of her family's superstar fame and decided to make a name for her self. At just 9 years old,  She has leaked her new single "Whip My Hair." That has already drawn comparisons to none other then Rihanna.
Celebrities have been taking to twitter to promote any new song so Willow did that same.
Solange Knowles tweeted, 
"Willow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!"
R&B singer and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Brandy posted, 
"OK, these lil Smith kids are AMAZING!!
I whip my hair back and forth... Ms Willow is not to be played with!!"
Jada recently told Ambassador magazine that Willow is working on an album. Rumors about Willow signing to Jay Z's Roc Nation music label are unconfirmed.

Tell me what you think of Willow's debut single Whip My Hair:

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