Have You Noticed?

Jay & B's tattoo? sure its smaller then Yung Berg's album sales but they both still have one.

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This That & The 3rd

This post is basically a few random topics I'd briefly like to touch on.

Is it just me or Jada gets better with age?
Might as well call her wine, being how ever year she gets ever so fine...
*Studio Audience: BoOooOo*
lol yeah I know that was lame but its my blog can I live, Anywho staying on Ms.Smith have you seen her family lately her & Will ain't the only to people in the family with style:
Moving on has anyone noticed Ms.Keys tummy progress lately?
Congrats to Swizz I still don't know how he got it, but someone please tell me is Cassie...
A Model or Singer?


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Trey Songz Already Taken Video

I 1st mention this song a while back, & it got a cool buzz as every Trey song does but he has recently released a video for "Already Taken" off of the Step Up 3 movie soundtrack enjoy:

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Kanye West Books A Performance At 2010 B.E.T Awards 

Mr. West has just been added to the performance Line up for the 2010 BET Awards airing on June 27th at 8pm.
He joins Drake, T.I., Dirty Money, Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz. Hosted by Queen Latifah, I’ll definitely be watching now.

Who the heck is the guy on the right?....Hell if I know but Kanye's is back hip hip

::Children cheer:: "HOoray!!!"

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