A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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From Bad Guy to GQ

Before I start I for one do not like his decision to join D-Wade on the Miami Heat, but at the same time what King doesn't have a ring.....

Classy as always, The King LeBorn James shows of the pearly whites as he shows that despite his own hometown hating him hes living a good life:
Sure James is partying it up over in Florida, but ummm doesn't white leggins aren't a good look at all dude -_-.
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Cover That

I after laying low for the whole summer Beyonce makes sure that never while a summer goes by without her gracing her beauty on the media in some way shape or form. Being so she takes center stage on the cover of Self magazine is a light grape fruit which was definitely the color for ladies this summer.

 *Thumbs Up*

Although Beyonce has made a name for her self in so many ways, I just can't mention her and not mention her husband Jay-z. (Salutes) These two were seen Vacationing over in Italy site seeing all it has to offer, personally I think the world would stop if these two were to ever get a divorce. lol

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