All Star Dunk Competition 

YAWN! so last night was the NBA dunk competition & I must say...........that it was hands down the worst one yet like seriously for an NBA dunk competition I felt everyone didn't at all give it there all even Nate, ...well there was one hot dunk that he did but still I know he's better then that, but any who crappy way for him to be the 1st person in history to win it 3 years in a row. =/
Side Note: Next year NBA dunk tryouts someone try to do this:
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Cover Girl
So Gabrielle Union made it to the cover of Jet latest mag..but umm shes not looking so hot, lol what do you think?

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Day Dreaming...
 Come live in my heart and pay no rent.
 ~ Samuel Lover

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25Years Later & It's Still Being Sung
After the rumble & dust has cleared music stars from various places over the world have come together not to morn but to rejoice & raise money and awareness for what has happen over in Haiti for I cannot stress how much of a huge factory this is:

But I can however appreciate the fact that so many people has already contributed to this disasters, so that these people of Haiti can rebuild:

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