Tumblr Moment

You know that feeling you get when your with your best friend in whole wide world, So your giving the rights to act a complete fool.... But its oh k cause someones doing it with you.

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Being The Man Is A Hard Job

Its a full time Job that I don't think anyone in my age racket is capable of doing.
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 Jeffrey Campbell Designs   

“One o One Fur…”  - $180

 "Skate" Platform - $198

JabbaWockeeZ Ford Dance Off: 2010 V8 Crew vs 2011 V6 Posse

Years after I still think that Kaba Modern should of won that MTV ABCD dance competition but ANYWHO...
Ford Explorer & The JabbaWockeeZ have teamed up to bring you this exciting new commercial. Check out the 2010 V8 Crew VS the 2011 V6 Posse.

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Wiz Khalifa Karma Loop Interview

One thing that I like about Wiz is that, he never retaliates toward any negativity. If anything he'll shrug it off still give respect to whom ever is disrespecting him, & for that Sir Wiz I comend you. 

*Tips Hat*

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