New Big Sean

Featuring Drake off of Sean's debuts album, this track is called "Made"

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I Got Good News & Bad News

Alright I know I put up a ton of videos put this time a round please excuse my laziness but these will be the last of it ......for the day 3njoy:

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin ✔


✗ The Bedrock remix feat. Rasheeda, Toya Carter, Lola Monroe, Kandi & Diamond ✗

-_- Sooo this is a Young Money remix.....without Young Money, congratulation lady's on winning the Dufus award of the year.

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A Day In The Life of Wale

....Now you see why hes my favorite rapper.

Presented to you by Belvedere Vodka 

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I Better Find Your Loving I Better Find Your Heart

Drake is real man, he was getting annoying at a point cause he was literally everywhere but you can't blame the kid for his talent is unbelievable everything drops is seriously a hit, the hook on this single "Find Your Love" from his debut album Thank Me Later is pretty smooth. Lol he deserves to go platinum if not Hip-Hop should just fold.

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Hey If Super Head Can Then Why Not

Waddup Saluters, So the fan favorite Mr.Marcus deiced share all his bed room skills in his novel, "The Porn Stars Guide To GREAT SEX" No simpler title then that right Anyways, The book will be out in stores on June 22nd and "Ozone" mag released an excerpt from the book in their new sex issue. Check out the excerpt below:

Warning its Pretty Long

Now if you know Eminem you know that he always makes you feel his music he puts his all even life story's into every track & he certainly didn't disappoint us in this track labeled "Not Afraid":

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New Trina ft Rick Ross & Lil Wayne- Currency

At 1st its songs sounds like a knock off Beamer Benz or Bentley but then it goes on to sounding like its on track ....when Wayne starts to rap, & yet again Wayne has another track. I'm now completely convince that....Hes sooo not in jail.

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Bathing Ape ®

You have to be a maniac to say that these new Spring/Summer 2010 Bape Regal Deck Shoes aren't cool. Sure Bape price there re-make items at outrageous prices but hey who cares Imma bape feen* these are a must have....well if they aren't price too over the wall.


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Introducing Game's newest music video Shake:

Dam…Stacey Dash is has been appearing everywhere and its in all current rap video's that shes doing it at I guess if that's where the moneys calling you at you gotta pick up that phone.

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Still In Strong Support 

You would think that after 13 year of having a son that's the best professional basketball player (And no its not LeBron :-p) that you would stop going to his games by now but no:
 Mr.& Mrs.Bryant are still in strong support of there proud son Kobe Bryant. Kobe is now 31 feel  & do free to prove me wrong but is it just me or those his parents age VERY well.

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Secret Package

Ah-Waddup Saluters, So Sandra Bullock had an adopted son. & he's from soul city of New Orleans not Africa. So kinda of her! She named the little sprout Louis Bardo Bullock.  

Sidenote: His expression is priceless.


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Take Cover 
Is it just me or Wezzy is only in Jail during the week & he gets off on the weekend cause it seems like every week he has something new right or wrong? Lol Anyways Wayne is all smiles on this upcoming Ozone magazine,  what stands out to me the most is the color scheme on this cover. A plus for whom ever whip that together.

Side note: Where do they even sell this magazine at ??? At first I thought it was one of those free underground magazines, hm if anyone knows feel me in.

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Finally Some Recognition
Here in New York they say if you don't got a wicked jump shot, sling crack (Selling Drugs), or Nice with the Mic and your from the "hood" you'll never make it out. Ha cruse that person who ever made that saying but anyways as time past & youth realize that being in a gang isn't [A. Benefiting anyone and B.]the only way to get respect in the streets but in fact dancing is, Yup young African America's {well in New York at least} has tone down the whole gangster theme and started tapping their feet and moving there hips to the sound of the beat....umm not necessarily well anyways as I mentioned In a earlier post that our dance style "Flexing" has taken New York's Youth by storm and well I rather not get into anymore detail & and just show you enjoy!:

View more of our* style of dancing HERE

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New Best Friends

.....It seems like it right there always together now a days right? Any who is it just me or Chris Brown is jocking Tyga's swag jusssst a little bit hmm  now Chris you have your own style & its pretty cool so just stick with it dude.

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101 Things To Do When Your Bored

Lean Your Ear In Just A Little

Love Letter To The Beat featuring Alicia Keys

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Do You Know Malik So Chic?

Sure at 1st glance he looks like a ....☹...well yeah, But this Ru Paul look alike is a well known party promoter & stylist . Known through the reality TV scene, Malik has been on the New York party circuit for years, throwing notoriously hip parties at hotspot Bungalow 8. From his oversized bedazzled glasses to his eyelashes and fierce stare, he is endlessly alluring and unquestionably hip [Read more about him here ] Check out one of the many must haves on his fashion list :

You can purchase Christopher Lee Savuve Clothing Here

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Long Live The Queen
Even After his death his amazing designs still lives on, every piece is almost like an high class art work.Take a look at Alexander Mcqueen's 2010 Fall 2010 Accessories:
What a genius every piece is magnificent in its own way.
If Alice & Wonderland were real he would've of most definetly been her stylist.

17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

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50's Slash

its been a while since I did a lady's fashion post so lemme keep this short & sweet, here's a look at so hip 50s accessory's that can be used today:

Where ever could you find such rad things?

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Creative Rec. Upgrade

Oh K I'm pretty sure that we all kicked the Creative Recreation brand to the side or only wear it on rainy days [Lets be honest with ourselves] cause....well its pretty much played out, so the creators over at the Recreation Board realized this problem & decided to upgrade there brand for the better just take a look at their newest Turino line:
 Wow right? Well with every upgrade comes a cost these sneakers run for about $295.00  {Crap}
it even caught the eye of a couple of celeb's such as:

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Ha Ha Clip of the Week

I seen this AT&T Motorola Back Flip, commercial during a playoff game and it gave me a chuckle it should give you one as well check it out:

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Sneaker Freaker  
Nike Air Hoop Structure Low

  Nike Air Force 1 "Iron Man" *Sick*
  Adidas Forum Mid 
 Eric Bailey Adidas Centennial Mid
Chuck Taylor 
There once lived a man named Good ol' Charles  Hollis "Chuck" Taylor (June 24, 1901 – June 23, 1969), was an American basketball player & a Shoe salesmen. Mainly know for his association with Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker and his design for the basketball shoe Converse "Chuck Taylors." Till this that Chucks have been the number one basketball selling shoe, not even Jordans or any Nike kicks sold more then converse.  
Leading me to this: 
Nigo & his Bathing Ape® staff decided to honor the great Mr.Taylor by [....of course] jacking his style and basically putting a Bape logo on it, What better way to honor him then to take a dead mans company sales right? ;

 If Chuck were alive he'd sue Nigo for every Ape he has.


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Your Going to Drive Me Crazy

In a earlier post I introduced you guys to Chiddy Bang well these boys have went back into the lab and whip out some more heat with there latest mix called "Truth" watch & enjoy:

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 Jim Jones Teaches At A High School

Jim Jones has enlisted himself in the ranks of New York public school teacher. He's not teaching for America, he's teaching Music Business 101 in a 6 week lecture series at a local NY High School......seriously, he'll also be lecturing on the nuances of the game he once ruled at Fordham, so ummm yeah if you're in NY, you may want to check him out. 


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From Rag to Riches

Recently a group of muscle heads finally got their big break as they got drafted into the NFL. Although the greatest day for many is also a rude awaking for others because, many people that cross over into the pro's but fail to carry over that same athleticism as they did before in College, well only time can tell if these guys have what it takes to to excited everyones expectations & rumble with the Pro's. Here's a look at the 1st 10 aka....the group that everyone really cares about.

1. Sam Bradford -> St. Louis
2. Ndamukong Suh -> Detroit
3. Gerald McCoy -> Tampa Bay
4. Trent Williams -> Washington
5. Eric Berry -> Kansas City
6. Russell Okung -> Seattle
7. Joe Haden -> Cleveland
8. Rolando McClain -> Oakland
9. C.J. Spiller -> Buffalo
10. Tyson Alualu-> Jacksonville

Kudos to all


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Everyone Deserves The Right To Be In Love

Its just that some choose to be with the fast one inside of the right one sometimes....hmp, Woah were did that come from Anywho lean yah ear in just a little to Trey Songs latest mix "Already taken" :


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On My Time

...Its G-Shock faces.

Check out these new G-Shock Releases:

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Just Because The Sirens Stop Doesn't Means The Damage Has..

[You Gotta Enlarge This]

I'am I really am.

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Boom Boom We Ballin In The Room

Hyped & clearly shot in the Bay area Chris Brezzy & Tyga Man team up to create an already labeled club banger they tagged this one "Holla At me."

Hold on was Chris just rapping?? ...Lol wow everyone's a rapper.

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  Cira-Ride ft.Luda

......"Sex Sells"

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Lil Wayne I'm Single 

Lil Wayne made sure you won't forget his name while he was away so his team recently dropped this new single called "I'm Single", I Love the intro to it , but I wonder who Nicki's talking about when she says "You have a wife" hmm anyways enjoy:

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Cover Girls 
The Diamond Princess is back at it again for all you folks who can't get enough of her rump shaker! LOL. Trina is gracing the cover of the May issue of King Magazine. I'm wondering if King Magazine was showing her some love due to the fact that her album is dropping on May 4th? I love me some Trina but her first single "Million Dollar Girl" aahh good? hmm not so much! I know somewhere on her album is the old Trina....I just know it!

At the age of 44 not many can do what Stacey Dash can do......Seriously ! Not many can grace the cover of a magazine, like Stacey Dash does.  & if you didn't already know.....she was  only 41 in the 2nd Smooth magazine cover....Damm

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