Tony Roberts Says "Lil Wayne Makes No Sense"

Its actually true half of the time many rappers don't make sense, but yo idk what Tony was doing before this snippet but some one please tell me that he had to run a mile and then some cause these no way that any one can sweat threw a vest like that lol.

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Bright Future

Now this is clearly wrong in every way shape & form but you have to admit these 8 year olds have some killer dance skills, lol  but my gosh what were there parents thinking when there daughters left there house looking like this.....umm Enjoy:

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl 
Here is a pair of Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl White. This 2010 retro is scheduled to add to the noise foamposites have been making this year. Without any doubt the Nike Air Foamposite Pearl is a must have addition to any sneaker heads collection. (Not including me the huge check doesn't do it for me....Anyways) Such a pair like these are truly a classic:
Thanks To An Anonymous Tip
I was able to find out that these two yellow bones* (lol) weren't just creating music for the hell of it, that they were in fact working on a mixtape called "Fan of a Fan" & its set to release this May 17 , this is surely an highly anticipated mixtape, so now I can just relax and  wait for this to drop.


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