*New Header*

So I said to my self I don't show you guys enough of my style & how I roll outside this whole blogger world ☺and for me this new header depicts it all. From my wackiness to my sneaker fetish, even to where I'm always shopping (Soho,NewYork) anyways Saluters tell me what you think should keep this up or go back to the other pic where I look like a quarter:

 HmMm? I'm so attached to this one =/

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Bruno Mars

I 1st noticed Bruno with he destroyed (In a good way) the chorus of "Nothing on You" by B.O.B, that I'm pretty sure everyone already herd at least once heck it even made it to my blog before until I got heckled by many ....MANY followers to take it down lol its all good though anyways Bruno proves to me that hes not just that typical chorus singer so to speak and that he too can write & create his own songs as he shows us in his single "Out First Time" lean yah ear in just a little for this one just its pretty smooth:

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Why Don't You Love Me?

Is what Beyonce is asking, in her latest single off her I'am album, this song was written by Lil sis Solange, which makes perfect since. It has a very old school vibe any ways enjoy:

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Diesel Presents

{Check out that bottle its screams Hey if your a guy then buy me...or is it just.....its always just me =/}

 Only the Brave Ironman Limited Edition Taking inspiration from the season’s most daring and courageous action hero (obviously), Diesel introduces Only The Brave Iron Man, a limited edition fragrance celebrating the iconic comic book hero. In honor of the upcoming theatrical release, Diesel is re-imaging its signature Only The Brave fist design in bold red and gold colors for a limited time, The fragrance is housed in a unique, one-of-a-kind box featuring graphics from the original Iron Man comic.  Inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave is for men who take a stand & control their own destiny, seizing opportunities and making a difference. The scent represents the qualities of the brave, symbolized by a fist that tells several stories: facing forward, the fist evokes power and energy; upright, it stands for self-affirmation; raised, it signifies victory, success and engagement.

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