Your Going to Drive Me Crazy

In a earlier post I introduced you guys to Chiddy Bang well these boys have went back into the lab and whip out some more heat with there latest mix called "Truth" watch & enjoy:

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 Jim Jones Teaches At A High School

Jim Jones has enlisted himself in the ranks of New York public school teacher. He's not teaching for America, he's teaching Music Business 101 in a 6 week lecture series at a local NY High School......seriously, he'll also be lecturing on the nuances of the game he once ruled at Fordham, so ummm yeah if you're in NY, you may want to check him out. 


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From Rag to Riches

Recently a group of muscle heads finally got their big break as they got drafted into the NFL. Although the greatest day for many is also a rude awaking for others because, many people that cross over into the pro's but fail to carry over that same athleticism as they did before in College, well only time can tell if these guys have what it takes to to excited everyones expectations & rumble with the Pro's. Here's a look at the 1st 10 aka....the group that everyone really cares about.

1. Sam Bradford -> St. Louis
2. Ndamukong Suh -> Detroit
3. Gerald McCoy -> Tampa Bay
4. Trent Williams -> Washington
5. Eric Berry -> Kansas City
6. Russell Okung -> Seattle
7. Joe Haden -> Cleveland
8. Rolando McClain -> Oakland
9. C.J. Spiller -> Buffalo
10. Tyson Alualu-> Jacksonville

Kudos to all


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Everyone Deserves The Right To Be In Love

Its just that some choose to be with the fast one inside of the right one sometimes....hmp, Woah were did that come from Anywho lean yah ear in just a little to Trey Songs latest mix "Already taken" :


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