Close your eyes & let your ears see

Waddup bloggers, so time & time again I kept telling myself yo this lil white boy is trash, hes a one hit wonder, Ash who? Ash what? Leave it to Eminem & basically every other line people normally associate one hit wonders with, but let me just say I did go as far as listen to a few tracks on his album but ain't really pay attention to what he was saying it honestly. Its wasn't till I was doing my web surfing thing & bumped into Asher Roth free styling on Peter Parker's radio show. The freestyle is called "A day off" & boy did he go in, Although he was a lil shaky on the lyrics toward the end of it, overall it still was pretty sick. This track single handily brought new light on my hopes for Asher Roth play on player:


Cook.ThePoet. said...

I like Asher. Not just for his lyrics but this dude is crazy intelligent. Find any interview and you'll see he is highly educated. Dope Post.
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Anonymous said...

Nah ii can't front he sound liike a black boy and w.e but you riight we alreadii got a white black rapper lmfaoo ya blogs iis on poiint agaiin lol