Mean Shoe Game

...I think she needs advisory, Waddup bloggers so any one watch Rip The Run Way? (They still give that?) Its like the only Good thing on BET other then 106 & Park aaaaaaaanywho peep game on Nicki's Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes? Imma Guy & I thought they were pretty sick:
Ouu close your mouth ladies, Its rude to stare with yah mouth open lol
Nicki Minaj is currently featured on Ushers a new video called "Lil Freak."

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Schools Out
One of my Favorite Brands, Public School has launched a baby brother brand (Black apple) The direction of Black Apple definitely has an edgier feel,  almost wild. The new line is at a lower price point than Public School, and will be available at Urban Outfitters:

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Why Dumb A**

Excuse my French Saluters, But this is just outrageous when I was younger and was a fan of what ever artist was out at the time I bought a magazine ripped out a page just right & posted it up on my wall or maybe tried to dress up like them [Guilty] but now a days oh no that's not enough look what Fans are doing in this day in age to show there devotion to there pop icon :

In the words of the late great Bernie Mac:

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That's Wavy
Ciara was Casual and Fly while dining at Katsuya in L.A. last Night. She looks her best when her look is simple and not all studded up (But don’t act like she doesn’t look like Latoya Jackson in this...Or is it just me) 


Many stars tend to overley do the Wet & Wavy look a bit to much case and point:

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