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As his number one fan in Brooklyn its only right that I put you guys on to the newest sneaker King blog:

Oh yeah & just how Wale was the 1st person ever, to own the copper foams like about 6 months before they came out ........he's being a jerk again and doing it again for metallic foams: -_-


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 Flight Club Closed?

Dear Fellow Sneaker Heads, 

If you ever was in Soho this summer and noticed that the beloved Flight Club world famous sneaker store, was closed!!! For basically the entire summer crushing all of our dreams without even giving us any notices or warnings but despite that tragedy Flight Club was only renovating its stores so that they could move in this.....

Damm right!

A huge store over on 812 Broadway still in the city but just a little bet further from its orginal soho roots, oh & did I mention its hat section has increase as well, by how much you? ask welll take a look and see:

I most defiantly gotta check this out for my self.


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Paper Planes...

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