Way Back When Clip
From House Party III what ever Bernie's in you know its funny so just press play &
R.I.P Bernie Mac
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Bape® News 
Now if you anything about me you would know two things have complete control of my attention umm a good 90% of the time & that's ...lol do I dare say his name wale & Bathing Ape clothing brand, what 1st drove my attention to this brand was its bold colors & Nigo's (The one in the middle)1st sneaker style which was an Air Force1 look-a-like patten leather Bape Sta's:

& it was love at 1st site, but anyways not to get so far off topic recently Nigo (the founder of Bape) had an interview with HypeBeast natives about his merge with Ambush for a few new ideas read the whole interview here

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Own The Cat Walk

G Star


Diesel Black Gold 
Zac Posen  


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Not Dry Eyes But Red Eyes Are In!

Well not literally but red eye liner is the in thing to do now it seems now, I 1st noticed it on a lot of females mainly walking around in Soho hmm what do you think ladies would you give it a shot?

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Even With a Broken Finger Kobe Can...
Still make it to the cover of GQ magazine {What am I doing wrong in life} not to take anything from Kobe but, I'm perfectly fine & I never made it in any Mag: =(
Do yah thing tho 24", a place in history is just waiting for you. 

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