Lil Wayne Featuring Nicki  Minaj- Knockout

Here's another music video that the one man band, Wezzy did before he went off to "Jail" Enjoy:

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Need A Editor?

While the world is going Ricci Streetz crazy but starting at a $100 a layout, in these times who really wants to pay that much for a simple layout,you see the cartoonized face in my backround ....Boogs did it, you see my head line....Boogs, & did it all for a reasonable price. Who is this graphic desiner I devoted my this post to? heck ask him your self:


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Prison X

I recently posted up Antonio Pagan Prison X story, to open awareness to these young kids that think jail is the most coolest place to be, when its really far from it well here's the newest release of Prison X jail story's told by Taisha also know as "Pretty Thug," This is the 3rd video of this new web series enjoy:

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New Kanye West ft Dwele- Power

He's back :-) after putting out his new artist (Kid Cudi & Big Sean) 1st, and allowed them to get their shine he on the other hand played it cool and just laid low & right when you thought he was gone pow he drops this, Power ft. Dwele Enjoy:

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Drake Your Album Will Not Sell

Wow & just like that another song has leaked off of the "Thank Me Later" album.....Like seriously, Drake you might as well just make this into a mixtape kid:

 Light Up- Drizzy ft Jay-Z w/Tagz

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What Happen To Curtis Jackson?

::Picks up jaw from the ground::

WOW right? But don't be alarmed cause although yes in fact this is the gangster rapper 50cent,
 he just had to shed 54 pounds for his upcoming film "Things Fall Apart", in the movie he plays a football player diagnosed with cancer {Major =/}. 50 was on a liquid diet & walked three hours a day on the treadmill for nine weeks to loose the weight. 

Real Talk:
All I know is that this movie check better be great cause, I don't think anyone in the world would go from this:

To this:

::Female Screams!::

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Daaaaaam Drake

So I guess your not really a good rapper until your album gets leaked but daaam on your 1st album yikes, So yet again another song from Drake's Thank Me Later debut's album has been leaked smh He still deserves to go platnum if you ask me though but anyways enjoy:

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Juelz Santana Dr.Jays Summer Fashion 2010 LookBook

 Juelz Summer 2010 Lookbook features brands from the ever so stylish Sabit, Godspeed Milkcrate, Adidas & more:

Juelz’ “Five Days Of Fresh” campaign also kicked off today and will run every day this week&videos and exclusive shopping picks now at Live (

That shirt is so sick.

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Sex In The City II Premiere 

As if the 1st one wasn't gross enough "The city girls" they all were in full attendance at last nights (May 24th) premieres.  Now is it just me or these lady's are like 40yrs (add 20years for Samantha) & still talking about sex Yuck!!!
Gabourey Sidibe, was on deck in leopard print flats :-( , still love her though.
 Prince I mean Liza Minnelli definitely got the venues mixed up, she was there for the Garbage Bag Convention. Lol

 Congrats ladies without a doubt this should be a good movie...dispute my prior comment.


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Sneaker Freaker

 Nike Air Zoom Trainer Huarache

Katasuya Terada Nike Dunk SB
Bathing Ape 2010 Spring/Summer Crape

Chris Brown Bull Sh*t Music Video

& just like that Chris has snapped back to the old him......Not without picking up some tips from Songz of course.

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New Drizzy Featuring Young Jezzy

While these two Hip-hop bosses get they mean grill on, listen in to another released track from the beast  called Unforgettable introduced by the beautiful Aaliyah (R.I.P) singing the classic "let me know" in:

❂Listen to it Here❂

Don't forget June 15th Thank Me Later  Drake's Debut album.

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Why Venus?

So at the last French Open Venus Williams simultaneously destroyed her opponent & her fashion.
  I personally think she used this outfit to distract her opponent’s attention from the game. Could you concentrate with her in this micro-mini black lace dress complete with red hot piping, and…
 Booty Meat Rocking every where lol.

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Chris Brown & Tyga Deuces Music Video

Fan of a Fan was release not to long ago, garbing a lot of attention from the teen population and many snap back abusers. Now just when you thought they were over & done with these two drop their latest music video "Deuces." Personally its my favorite song on the mixtape so sit back relax &...

Excuse my background at the moment I know its looking kinda pathetic, but I'm in the process of fixing it so just bare with me.



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Prison X: The Antonio Pagan Story

Everyone herd story's about what goes on in jail & eat up how cool it is to go in & out of jail illustrated from listing to all sorts of rappers but how much of that is really true? Its just crazy to hear what really goes on behind bars after all the press leaves & no outside media are allowed inside. Anywho just watch as Antionio tells you a true life story that he witness him self, He almost makes you feel like where were there the way how he explains is take a look:


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New Bunro Mars

Now Burno may not be the tallest singer in the world but boy can this dude hold a note, making his stamp on the world with the ever so classy B.O.B's "Nothing on Your"single Burno has being working constantly, on tracks to hold his mark in the media well keep it up man cause you've got my attention. Check out his latest track 
Dance in the mirror:

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Air Jordan 9 Bin 23

Aw man can you say must have! These Air Retro Gold 9's are set to drop June 5th, 2010. (So soon ) Anywho these will be a general release so all us* sneaker heads can guarantee our self's a pair or two , 
Perfect to wear during fall (really while everyone else is wearing the classic wheat Tims haters will be at full attendance when you switch it up on them rocking these lol.


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New Drake

 Just click and listen its Drake for crying out loud lol:

Full Version of: Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne 

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Wale's 50 Favorite Sneakers 
 Well its obvious Wale is my favorite rapper but one thing that made him stand out from the rest for me is something that we both have in common, we are both die hard sneaker freakers. Well he on the other hand just gets a crazy amount of exclusive kicks. I'm talking about 6months before they come out like their already on his feet (WHO DOES THAT) Anyways check out Wale's 50 favorite sneakers for courtesy of complex magazine

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H&M Summer Looks Part 2

Well it seems like they weren't done give us a sneak peek with what they have in store for this summer so there dropped another magazine with a look at their summer line. Models Lindsey Ellingson & Skye Stracke was shot by photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby and styled by Jane How for “The Beach”enjoy:
Ou La La 

Well look whose stepped up their game for the summer awaiting us. H&M has just released their latest magazine reveling its summer line designed by Catherin McNeil labeled "Pool Style", continuing to stay true to the H&M's theme they always keep there clothes sleek, stylish, trendy but most of all .....CHEAP!!!

Check it out the photographer needs an award cause these pics are simply amazing & already has me sold:

He surely knows how to shoot a video (or Diddy a matter of fact) cause this over the top obviously million dollar short film music video was very similar to the Notorious B.I.G Hypnotize, being how it was so action pack espically for a Hip-Hop video hmp. Anyways Rick Ross never seems to short change any of his music videos so why would he do it in this one & having the ever so sexy Stacy Dash whom is now 44 :-0, as the leading lady only makes this video that much better 

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Sneaker Freaker 

Air Jordan VI Infrared Pack
Maharam x Nike Sportwear 2010 Fall Dunk Preview 
Nike Air Windrunner TR2
Bape Slip-Off
Fan of a Fan Release!

After much speculation from the release of "G-Sh*t" & "Holla at me" its finally here the Fan of a Fan mixtape featuring none other then Tyga Tyga & and Chris Brown. Well nothing more to say then umm listen to it your self & enjoy:

In my opinion its ...aah iight wasn't as good as I expect it to be, but don't get me wrong its still its oh k.

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Dear Summer
Where the hell are you! This flip flop New York weather is pissing me off man & I'm tired of holding my jacket and a umbrella while wearing shorts lol not knowing what weather surprise mother nature would give me for the day. Why don't I just watch the news for the days weather you ask, pfft their always wrong so I go with the "I'll take my chances" method when I leave my house.
Anywho enjoy this throw back video that I listen to every Pre-summer (As I like to call these times) to remind me of whats to come:

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Uniqlo Summer 2010 Look Book 

It looks like the causal/denim look is going to be the big fashion focus this summer, & one place that definitely has a heads up on it, and has it for an affordable rate is Uniqlo take a look at their look book for this years summer time:


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Ever Wonder Where Tyga Got His Snap Backs From?
Well after a massive amount of pausing and zooming during his "Holla at me" Video featuring Chris Brown, I was finally able to read the logo on the side of his hat. The brand is called TI$A:
And they sell a variety of things not only just snap backs to hoodies and tee's all at reasonable prices, just check its out for your self Here.

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Roc Nation Skull Candy Head Phones

 So Jay & his team Roc Nation teamed up with the boys over at skull candy to create 
these skull candy head phones I think its pretty creative but hey what do I know, I'm just a "6,0" dark skin guy with a blog *Kanye West Shurgs* so tell me what you think....

Dope or Nope?

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Tony Roberts Says "Lil Wayne Makes No Sense"

Its actually true half of the time many rappers don't make sense, but yo idk what Tony was doing before this snippet but some one please tell me that he had to run a mile and then some cause these no way that any one can sweat threw a vest like that lol.

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Bright Future

Now this is clearly wrong in every way shape & form but you have to admit these 8 year olds have some killer dance skills, lol  but my gosh what were there parents thinking when there daughters left there house looking like this.....umm Enjoy:

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl 
Here is a pair of Nike Air Foamposite Pro Pearl White. This 2010 retro is scheduled to add to the noise foamposites have been making this year. Without any doubt the Nike Air Foamposite Pearl is a must have addition to any sneaker heads collection. (Not including me the huge check doesn't do it for me....Anyways) Such a pair like these are truly a classic:
Thanks To An Anonymous Tip
I was able to find out that these two yellow bones* (lol) weren't just creating music for the hell of it, that they were in fact working on a mixtape called "Fan of a Fan" & its set to release this May 17 , this is surely an highly anticipated mixtape, so now I can just relax and  wait for this to drop.


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Converse Your It Kid Cudi

Converse looks to make good on the up and commers in the music industry in a new piece called "You're It" {simple and gets to the point}. They'll shine the light on 23 new artists, including your pal from the double O, To clarify that's Kid Cudi from Cleveland {specifically Ohio}. I like the inside scoop they give about Cudi's life in Cleveland being how he pretty much was founded here in NewYork everyone tends to forget where hes really from but he never hides his roots shown & expressed below:

Being how we're on this Kid Cudi topic, I was surfing the web & recently found this pic of me in the mix of 2 blocks of worth of die hard Bape/Kid Cudi fans that stud outside on line for 5 hours -_- a waiting the release of his Bape shirt & to catch a glimpse of Cudi him self,
See if you can find me:
To be honest I wasn't able to get a shirt even though I waited on what seem like a lifetime......However I was able to get this:


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Its In The Morning 

Robin Thicke never seems to fail us with anything that he drops, so heres another one by him ft Snoop Dogg enjoy:

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Drake- Find Your Love

Aubry is simply the man!

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Tyga & Chris Brown

You gotta be on drugs if you don't like this duo, while its clear that these two are teaming up to make a mixtape just wondering when will it drop & whats it freakin called! lol:

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