Ben Franklin Baby picture

I just cop'd the "We are Young Money" album & it gets one thumb up although I do have a few that I don't like but then again I some that I do like like such as; New Sh**,Pass the Dutch, F**k the bull Sh*t, Girl I got you, Night Life ft. Wale, and Roger That. But I think Wezzy should take a step back & let Young Money do there thing stop hopping on every track over shining everyone lol, all his artist have there own unique style let em show it Wayne. Oh & drop there albums already Geez notice that nobody under Wayne has a album out yet & how long Niki been under Wayne years you say? Mix tape wont hold you down for ever mang...hmp or will it? "But I'm not hate'n just state'n" but don't get me wrong again the album is hard .......YOUNG MONEY baby.

Sneaker Freaker

I thought this was sooo sick I had to throw it up here, No its not a Cake lol its a Tapestry Grape Air Retro Jordan V Sneaker Designed by Emma Sulzer (Google her) she has a collection of Tapestry items, each item took her about 40 hours to make, Good thing its a kick ass work of art being how it takes a hear & a day to make.
  • Nike Air Zoom Uptempo V Premium
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Missoni
  • Futura Nike Air Force 1 high - Be True
  • Adidas Jeremy Scott Summer 2010 Collection

Its the ROC baby

  • Hova still doing his thing (Cheers) shout out to the whole ROCnation.