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  • 1st here's a behind the scene's look at Red Cafe & Fabolous "I'm ill" music video:
Kitsune 2010 Fall/Winter "Ivy League" Collection

Danger....Is More Like Safety Sticker 

 Poprah recently had an event to support the victims of Haiti when reality star, Danger, (From For the Love of Ray J) showed up and caused a ruckus! Apparently, Danger picked the wrong chick to mess with because Poprah is sooooo not the one she did keep her cool.....Until:

Danger you just been Served! lol
Karrine Steffans a Sex Consultant?
Guys I know your like her face looks familiar, where do you know her from right? hmmm ....its Superhead! lol Who would've ever thought? Hell, I didn't! I just thought this chick I could have sworn that  she retired or something. I think Karrine is extremely entertaining to watch *..... :-) * but to actually take her seriously? "Houston ahh I think not!" Well, according to her new Twitter (Grr) bio shes now working as a Sex & Intimacy Consultant and Instructor for Hustler Hollywood. Peep this:

In great honor to the late great Bernie Mac (R.I.P) I think I speak for all of us when I say........
"This some bull"
Lady's Yah'll Got Yah Valentine's Outfit?

Well I'm probably not the 1st  person you go to when you think about your next outfit lol but chill, "I got style man I got this." 
If you don’t want to ravish in all red this holiday like everyone is, go for a black and white number you can wear all season long. Spice it up with accessory bargains like $12 rhinestone heart stud earrings, a $4 sexy double ring, and $20 platform shoes & make that man happy :-) 

Lol I'm having to much fun on this post (Salutes!).
Oh Wait its Black History Month 

Lol for real it is, But anyways while everyone gets ready for Valentines Day or being bitter about not having a date allow me to draw your attention to Black History for a little bit, While the women of the mid 80’s were busy with door knocker earrings the Guys to had there own Bold gold accessories. Gold Rope Chains served as the Jesus piece chain does today so to speak.
Lean Yes Sexy YuUup!
So although shes always been known to be a lean mean tennis record breaking machine, Serena Williams has still manages to keep her sexy women like shape just take a look at her photo shoot for Vibe magazine:

Excuse me Mr.Carter
  Lil Wayne sits down with Rolling Stone to talk about his guaranteed prison sentence, the future and relocation of Young Money, and the fact that he's