LOOK OUT FOR: Rich Gupa ft Paper Legit 

I'm a huge fan of new music. I may not advertise it as much but I'm always on the hunt, listening to up & coming artist finding out what's new. I never seem to wait for them to become mainstream to follow there music because I'm simply a fan the art and quality of good music. Anyways Rich Gupa from Crown Heights is given my attention for the next on the rise artist, Just take a look at his video and tell me what you think: 

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Wale - Globetrotter 

Slowly but surely I'll get back into the blogging vibe, In the meanwhile bare with me folks! 

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My Style Changes With The Wind

Which one do you like?


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Lentree LS Summer 2011

Step into the Entree LS Summer 2011 Video Look book. Created in 2001 by the Entree team. Entree/Entree Life Style is a unique & inventive brand that’s original and most importantly, inspired by you. 

So Grab a drink, chill out and enjoy the video:

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Her Shoe Game Crazy

Seems like I always post male sneakers on here, So let me take this time to honor a noted female & her lavish shoe game. 

Pynk Magazine caught up with the Fly Fashionista to talk about her expensive shoe game and her favorite designers;
On the worth of her shoe collection….
“My whole entire collection? I could probably buy a house. I would say it’s probably worth about $70,000.”
On her favorite shoe designers…
“Of course, everyone likes Louboutin. I like Camilla Skovgaard. I also like YSL. I like Brian Atwood sometimes. I love Miu Miu shoes.”
Step into this sick photo shoot that went down…