My Account said Ouch

Waddup bloggers it's already that time of year again, Holiday season is coming fast are you ready? but before we could stuff our faces & return unwanted crappy gifts lets not forget a cheap-O's (My father -_-) favorite Holiday .... why Black Friday of coarse (Me personal I thought it was a racist joke when I first herd about it) but originally got its name from Philadelphia due to its heavy traffic & over crowded streets on that day. But anyways this is the day that basically everyone shops for either them self's or gets a jump start on there Christmas gifts cause of its low low prices everywhere on that day. but some items that I'm looking to grab if I can are:
  • Power Mat starting at 99.99 (looks to me like that one is broken lol)
  • Samsung 12.2 mega pixel -$199.99
  • Sony Bravia 40" LCD $879.99
  • Sony Play Station 3 (250GB) $349
Whats on your Black Friday wish list?

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