This That & The 3rd

Oh K! so 1st things 1st:
Zoe Saldana continues her reign of in your face press by covering the April Issue of Essence Magazine.

ON SEX: “Love it, love it, love it—can’t live without it! I love sex. I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide. I think in American society we’re messing up our kids by taking away the education on awareness of sexuality and replacing it with violence, guns, and video games—we’re breeding little criminals.
                                                                                              {Salutes}    ~Zoe
Give Em A Minute

So this post I decided to give new comers in the music industry a little extra buzz only to those I think actually have talent so um here it goes:
Check out the Homie London new video for “Back To The Way”!
I’ve been following him for a while now here and there just to see if actually had any talent but this dude is pretty smooth I salute him, take a look at his new single called "Back to the way":

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So Mr Dutty Rock him self Sean Paul decided to get a new look, I guess he finally realize that his tape up was waaaay to far back & who really has braids still so he cut.....the sides off and a little bit off the top into a Mohawk:
What do you think?

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