Sex In The City II Premiere 

As if the 1st one wasn't gross enough "The city girls" they all were in full attendance at last nights (May 24th) premieres.  Now is it just me or these lady's are like 40yrs (add 20years for Samantha) & still talking about sex Yuck!!!
Gabourey Sidibe, was on deck in leopard print flats :-( , still love her though.
 Prince I mean Liza Minnelli definitely got the venues mixed up, she was there for the Garbage Bag Convention. Lol

 Congrats ladies without a doubt this should be a good movie...dispute my prior comment.


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La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

Lol... agree Liza did come dress for the wrong event... Like did she have a hang over and just choose what ever she wore years ago!!! lol jk im not goin to violate on her style!!! even tho i agree w u!

J. said...

Ok, ok so they are a bit older. But they still look incredible! Don't you hope you have a lady friend on your arm that looks that good when you get older? And she's still talking about sex?
Either way, this post made me laugh from the very beginning...and I already pre-purchased my ticket!