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Converse looks to make good on the up and commers in the music industry in a new piece called "You're It" {simple and gets to the point}. They'll shine the light on 23 new artists, including your pal from the double O, To clarify that's Kid Cudi from Cleveland {specifically Ohio}. I like the inside scoop they give about Cudi's life in Cleveland being how he pretty much was founded here in NewYork everyone tends to forget where hes really from but he never hides his roots shown & expressed below:

Being how we're on this Kid Cudi topic, I was surfing the web & recently found this pic of me in the mix of 2 blocks of worth of die hard Bape/Kid Cudi fans that stud outside on line for 5 hours -_- a waiting the release of his Bape shirt & to catch a glimpse of Cudi him self,
See if you can find me:
To be honest I wasn't able to get a shirt even though I waited on what seem like a lifetime......However I was able to get this:


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