Juelz Santana Dr.Jays Summer Fashion 2010 LookBook

 Juelz Summer 2010 Lookbook features brands from the ever so stylish Sabit, Godspeed Milkcrate, Adidas & more:

Juelz’ “Five Days Of Fresh” campaign also kicked off today and will run every day this week&videos and exclusive shopping picks now at DrJays.com Live (live.drjays.com).

That shirt is so sick.

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M€LISHA said...

Dope post i shop at dr jays too. Btw check your email please

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

I agree the last shirt is sick... i like how their are many colors in it... and i also became a big fan of button ups which gives me another reason to like it... UR bLog is DOPE!!! BTW


Samantha said...

"Keep it up" haha kidding, I'll give you a little more. Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you follow me for real, and I like yours a lot. That shirt is sweet, wish I could get any of my guy friends to dress as well as you!

Ronald Garner said...

Love the blogg its dope im following please follow back


J. said...

That is a great shirt...I don't think my bf would wear it, but that's ok because I think I'd be sneaking out of his closet for my own use anyway!