Prison X: The Antonio Pagan Story

Everyone herd story's about what goes on in jail & eat up how cool it is to go in & out of jail illustrated from listing to all sorts of rappers but how much of that is really true? Its just crazy to hear what really goes on behind bars after all the press leaves & no outside media are allowed inside. Anywho just watch as Antionio tells you a true life story that he witness him self, He almost makes you feel like where were there the way how he explains is take a look:


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J. said...

I was freaked out watching Antonio's story then brought to tears by Stacey Hamilton's words. My sister has a step daughter who needs to see this because sadly, at 12 she is on her way to places like this and it breaks my heart! She has a good heart but no common sense. Maybe seeing something like this will turn her around. It may sound strange but thank you for this post.