Enter Galactic

"Get ready pop it lets go!" -

I know this happened to all of us I-pod owners at least once, Have you ever had that friend with that one song that got you to dance like there's no tomorrow, but got it from a source of another world but you still wanted it? So you googled, youtubed & evened lime wired it and still couldn't find it. Well stress no longer cause with this new device called MiShare it allows you to transfer music files & images easily with ought a computer.

I'm Pretty sure every everyone has seen the show Friends from the 90's, but how closely have you watch that show? Remember when Joey & Chandler always would play this boxed framed game at there house? Well its called foosball  its the same as playing  soccer to me but anywho this model was created by GRO designs but developed by TIM model makers. So basically its just futuristic foosball table.

I always liked matching weird items together like my sneakers with my ear rings or my hat with my socks, & Wesc coming out with these just gave me another reason for people to guess what on me matches lol, this big headphone idea actually is a retro idea, but just like everything else thats old school these came right back in style.

Although it does look so ...um smart =/ you gotta give credit to Ron Arad who has created this incredibly unique luxury bath concept, which turns the traditional bath on its head.....literally. Other then its obvious futuristic appeal,  it's like a giant art addition for your bathroom. Its actually  transforms from bath to shower as the whole unit revolves...wow right.

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