Underated not understated

One person that really gets over looked at in the rap game is Jay Jenkins better known as Young Jeezy. He 1st hit the scenes as the very well criticized "Snow man" (Remember the T-Shirts lol) & also was a member of the Boyz in the Hood rap group but always had that edge over everyone else in that group leading him to later go solo while still under Bad Boy at the time. Remember the beef with him & Gucci Mane? It was because Jeezy said that he helped Gucci write "Icy" but when royalties came in he never seen any. (Crowd says: aww) to me shouldn't of been that big of a deal as it was but w/e. That situation was a while ago since then there beef is long dead & more then enough money has been brought to both of these guys plates for them to still be bitter sweet about it. However what most people don't know is Jeezy does in fact have a platinum album under his belt which is simply impossible to get these days, and is now settled comfortably with Def Jam and doesn't seem like hes leaving anytime soon. But anyways for your success Jeezy I Salute you.

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