Love is stronger then pride

Its 4:14am your crying cause he cheated, your friends warned you about him bout you denied it So he told you what her want you wanted to hear now look at you, you went threw his phone & found pics of other girls 3 years wasted just like that So you listened to him now look at you, You aborted your baby just for him but realized he acts funny during sex So he didn't want it now look at you, You sent pictures that you swore to your self you would take you believed in him now look at you, You bought him diamonds & all the fancy clothes cause its what he really wanted you didn't have it but you got it now look at you, He says no to the movies with you but yes to a party's with the guys He wears nice clothes now look at you, So he texts you that hes about to sleep so you wont here the party sounds in the back You remember what happened last time he told you that? Now look at you, He hit you... But you still love him.
~ TOXiC 1:14
  • I wrote this because I got a few close female friends that just never seem to get the picture.

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