Enter Galactic

  • This is a pretty sick idea taking from inner city parking lots, its an underground garage because now a days its not even safe to keep your car in your garage. lol
  • This TouchMan cellphone that turns into a communication furniture when connected to the main device at home, it let you communicate and share emotions with your friends in an visual way. It also serves a instant messenger and aquarium so you can watch your contact like fishes in an aquarium on the touchscreen. They could change color and activity to their current moods and availability. Use the camera to chat with many contacts at the same time.
  • This is a Hi-Can Bed that comes with a built in entertainment center, Its projector like screen allows you to watch t.v surf the web & play games all from the comfort of your bed.
  • Although it doesn't look as stable as a table should be still you got to give props to French designer John Nouanesing for his blood like table creation.


moni jawn said...

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MalibuMara said...

that underground garage is pretty dope i want one!