Now I for one have realize that you actually get what you pay for. A few months ago I purchased a a pricey MacBook Pro:

But every feature about it I love, from its sleek design to missing right click & how could I forget that each of its programs has I tune set up (Use one and you'll know what I'm talking about). But I also gained a new found glory for Apples devices & new designs. Speaking of new have you herd of about Apples new iPad?:

This MacBook look alike is a Touch screen web surfer that fully allows you to get, that full in dept feeling when your online it almost feels like your holding a news paper being how its so light weight well enough of me talking just take a look at this video:

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MalibuMara said...

lol but the pad isn't a computer replacement,
its like travel gadget, it doesn't have alot of memory for the purpose of it only being used for internet access and emails and random things like that, its the same with netbooks,
but i read a little more about the ipad and... im not liking it anymore,
i think i'll blog about it today, but basically you can't multitask and thats important to me