Techno Disco

Sure he looks like a typical juiced Jersey Shore candidate at 1st glance but you gotta respect this techno video by
Ricky J stamped Whatta Night:

Inna's Moon Girl song just rocks on all aspect of life if your not jumping up & down and fist pumping like champs to this, your just totally annal:

::: Continues to dance... :::

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CHEMBO said...

Hey i saw u on a different blog and i have to say i like ur blog...
its got varied content which is soo cool.
mine is just a style blog. i love seeing fellow/black/other race bloggers, we aren't many out here...

check out mine if u wanna...

CHEMBO said...

oh n I am following you
n thankyou for checking out my blog
and the comment waz cool...if u follow me too would be soo awesome!