Tim WestWood Freestyle Drake

I say I say this is written its still good tho, but can Drake really freestyle?

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Tokyo.Diamond said...

Drake isn't going no where any time soon. Young Money!

Lady Lyrical said...

I DO NOT believe that Drake can freestyle. This is not the first time that he has pulled out the written shit, when he was asked to spit on air. If you could freestyle.... you're not pulling out phone and paper and shit, you're come straight off top. I have YET to see Drake come off top.... NEVER ONCE. I agree with but rather than using the word soon.... I'm putting a period after nowhere. He's still wheelchair Gary from "Degrassi". He's not a rapper and he's DEFINITELY not the "thug" he plays. Cut the crap DRAKE, you're not a RAPPER, LYRICIST, EMCEE, or anything else along the lines of it. Do us all a favor and QUIT!!!

P.S. I'm new to this and DO NOT know how to follow blogs. Please hit me up with some help tips.