Outta no where it seems, I finally hit 100 followers :-) 
*Does the 100 followers dance*
I would like to personally thank each & every blogger that took the time out of their busy life to click the sliver follow me button on my blog. {thumbs up} I would give you all a kiss on the cheek, if it wasn't a minor form of rape but anyways you get the idea.
My main purpose for my blog was never to get a certain amount of followers
it was mainly so that my voice could be herd even if it was only one person listening, unlike alot of other bloggers that just create a twitter so that there followers can triple (I'm not saying any names) lol but yeah you get the idea so for those following me note that I do go to my dashboard every day and check out everyone's page yes each and everyone of yah'll just to see what you guys have to say even though I may not comment {Sorry lazy habit =/} Anywho:
You guys keep me motivated to post more on more cool ideas each day so please do keep up the good comments guys again thanks.

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Society's Reject™ said...

Congrats on the 100 followers!!! I'm one of them!!! XD

Harry Swag said...

Well done on the 100 followers
That's deep man
Love ya smile

Lady Lyrical said...

Well i'm one of those 100 followers. (Lol)...

I am finally getting the hang of this (kind of, sort of). But anywho.... I am following you, so please follow me back.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hopefully i'll have those numbers checking out my blog soon. :-) Have a GREAT day and be sure to hit the blog up.

*** Dueces ***