My Weekend 6/26

Well every year my boys and I attend the Funk Master Flex car show over in New Jersey. Mainly for the sneaker expo that they have as well as the numerous celebrity's that attend. This year Nicki, Drake the whole nine was pretty much their but due to my friends car delay & extreme traffic and HEAT oh and did I mention that we made a illegal turn on a high way and went down a HILL in a 15 seater van!!! we got their at 5pm -_- but despite those troubles I was able to catch the entire Dip-Set performance as well as the Lox, Wyclef Jean & G-Unit to my surprise 50¢ gain back his weight he doesn't look like a {insert insult here} ...anymore:

Although L L cool j wasn't there the ladies sure do looooove Toxic:

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Tokyo.Diamond said...

Car shows are fun to go to. Hot girl & Nice rides .. & Lemme find out you pimpin' over there. 'hahaha'

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

Dope cars and women lol great post