Heads or Tails?

Well pretty much everyone is I-pod crazy right about now but for you pessimists out there, have you ever herd about that new HD Zune? (Karmer:Get outta town) it might not seem like much but HD on a portable device is pretty sick I-pod has a knee up with the apps but on a touch screen at the end of the day its a view that everyone cares about take a look at he pros and cons on a I-pod and a Zune:
  • Zune HD
Display: 3.3 inch touchscreen, OLED Software: Zune Firmware 3.0 Memory: 16 GB/32GB Colors: Black, Platinum, Blue, Lime green, and red Price: $219.99/$289.99 Music Store: Zune Marketplace Applications Store: Not yet, but there has been strong evidence that Microsoft may be starting one. WiFi: Yes Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometor HD Video Radio: Yes HD out: Yes
  • I-Pod Touch 3rd Generation
Display: 3.5 inch touchscreen, no OLED Software: iPhone OS 3.1 Memory: 8GB/32 GB/64 GB Colors: Black Price: $199/$299/$399 Music Store: iTunes Applications Store: Yes WiFi: Yes Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometer HD Radio: No HD Video out:No

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