James Kong

Waddup bloggers, So I'm at the barber shop flipping there Mags waiting for my turn & in the mix was oddly a Vogue magazine & surprisingly on the cover was LeBorn James. Now hmp! Oh k he is "King James", I know he can put up numbers, I know he compares to such and such at only a young age, and I know he broke just about every record there was in just his 1st year as a professional in the N.B.A but did you know that he was the 1st Black Man to ever be on the cover of Vogue? Not known for mainly his fashion sense or having a high fashion IQ (not to say that the dude can't dress lol) he was able to make it to the cover simply because of success (wow right) "Breaking Boundaries James" is what they should call him, & for that Mr. James I Salute you.

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nice post. thanks.