Not Cool
 So Tiki Barber Aka "Eye Brows" who I thought was a world class all around act did the unthinkable, (Well at least to a women) he left his wife Ginny while she was pregnant, for a much younger blond babe that used to work with him.  (Dammm Kid!) Now is it just me or its becoming a trend with the celebrity men and this whole cheating dilemma . Although in defense for the men I would like to say that celeb wife's should sorry to say umm know that theirs always going to be groupies no matter what level of stardom your at once you established your self the girls will always be there,But at the same time cheating on your wife defeats the whole purpose of a marriage and all the time money and effort that went into it. Anywho leaving her while the bun is in the oven {Yikes} that's not cool dude.

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J. said...

Thank you for having morals. They're far and few these days. Upstanding.

Jelly said...

I agree with the person before me, im glad to see that there are still people out there such as you. and also, im new to your bloq (my sister told me to read it) and i like it a lot. "Keep it up" lol =)