Short Dawg Buzz
Not really on the scenes as much as the rest of Young Money crew, but I guess Short (Dawg) is all "About the money & not the honey"... so to speak. His lyrical demeanor is simply amazing, him being underrated is simply an understatement. He originally wrote for Bow wow on a couple of tracks, until Lil Wayne said why don't you stop writing and "Get on". And since then he did just that, OH to clear the air Short said that Bow is his homie he & him are actual good friends; "Wow still writes his own rhythms I just helped him on some tracks." Only a good friend would say that cause we all know that once rappers are expose for having ghost writers its like a "Oooooooh no"thing cause you lose all your credit but anyways enough of me rambling on just watch him at work:

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