It Was All a Dream

As I was web surfing the other day, I stumbled upon these and just stair at them for like 20mins before going on, to another site because these same exact sneakers started the whole oar for me becoming a sneaker collector. I had to be in the 4th grade when I got my 1st "in style" sneaker. [Cause Lord knows I never had the money to get anything name brand.] I remember clearly getting nagged from an older girl for having female Jordan's on, *Insert embarrassed face here* but from her negativity came positivity for having the courage at that age to try something new. Shortly after rare sneakers have been the primary thing to buy, & from that I needed cool clothes to go along with it, so thats pretty much when my fashion IQ increased. Anywho one thing about me well as I got older was that I never liked what was in style so to speak. I would much rather wear a piece of clothing that's played-out simply because no body's wearing it or  something that I really liked as a youth but either couldn't afford it at the time.

Well I'm all outta boring history things to say, so just remember Saluters "Its never about whats in style its about whats your style!"

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J. said...

Personal style is way more interesting anyway.