Not A Fan Of But I'll Look Cool In This...

North skull Jesus & King Tut piece:

6243 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 466-1173

Need I really say more?

‘Inspired by lifestyle, music, art, and culture; Famous Nobody strictly caters to chic individuals who consider themselves to be trendsetters in the always-evolving world of fashion. The sophisticated and innovative designs will continue its tradition, while showcasing the brand’s expansive selection of quality, which now adds eight more styles to its already-growing collection.’
With plans to release a line of sweatshirts in the up coming weeks, The goal is for the fashion forward to remain stylish throughout each season. As Famous Nobody embarks on its mission to become more than just a household name, their slogan “A lifestyle branded” is slated to become universal in every language.

....I can dig it. 

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