I'm Not Mr. Mariah Carey

Mr.Cannon wants everyone to know that's not just a "boy toy" or Mariah's play thing hes actually a well established man he dishes it all out in Jets latest magazine that hit stands today:

Nick Cannon laughs when people call him “Mr. Mariah Carey,” even though he’s been married to his wife, Mariah, for two years now. The self-professed “entrepreneur” – an entrepreneur first and entertainer second – is certainly accomplished in his own right. He became a millionaire at 15 and is the CEO of his own multi-media company, NCredible Entertainment and chairman of the Teen Nick television network. “That type of stuff is humorous to me,” he tells Jet. “If I were an insecure individual or if that was true, that type of statement – that I’m a ‘boy toy’ or ‘yes man’ and all that type of stuff – would bother me. But anybody who knows me or talks to me for five minutes knows clearly that’s not the picture.” 

.... Hmm Interesting so the Wild'n Out show wasn't his only business.
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