If your like me wondering what in the world does B.O.B stand for in his own words B.O.B said :

B.o.B : You know there never been a constant definition. It’s always changing; I guess there’s never been one before. I guess there will be a great one that helps me, or that will better describe my uniqueness. It’s ever changing and ever evolving. It’s just something that’ll always have a new definition and I’m always going to have a new constant. The constant thing about it is that it’s always changing.

Pointless huh  -_-, that's what I said anyways from his last hit that even made it to my blog "Nothing On You" featuring Bruno Mars  he proved to me that this southern dude does in fact has skills so, just lean yah ear in just a little and listen to his newest single called "Air Planes" ft. Havley Williams.

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