Chuck Taylor 
There once lived a man named Good ol' Charles  Hollis "Chuck" Taylor (June 24, 1901 – June 23, 1969), was an American basketball player & a Shoe salesmen. Mainly know for his association with Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker and his design for the basketball shoe Converse "Chuck Taylors." Till this that Chucks have been the number one basketball selling shoe, not even Jordans or any Nike kicks sold more then converse.  
Leading me to this: 
Nigo & his Bathing Ape® staff decided to honor the great Mr.Taylor by [....of course] jacking his style and basically putting a Bape logo on it, What better way to honor him then to take a dead mans company sales right? ;

 If Chuck were alive he'd sue Nigo for every Ape he has.


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kirstyb said...

loving the sneakers xxx

FE20 said...

umm how much do they cost?...nd thats a baseball player in the just sayin...
-Francis Edouard,~HTO~