"C'mon Son"

Waddup Bloggers! I know I know I haven't posted any thing in a while its not my fault tho its Holiday season at work so I'm forced to work longer hours & its the end of the term at school so I also have a crap load of term papers to write I even have one due tomorrow as a matter of fact, but I figured ........pfft blogging is way more fun. So sorry about that but I'm here guys now back to blogging.
  • So Baby from Cash Money decided that it would be cool to get another tattoo & this time its a huge star tatted on the top of his head, I know its the holiday season & all but....C'mon Son.
  • So Kid Cudi has a new track out called Cudderisback, Dude you came out this year like seriously...C'mon Son.
  • Lady Gaga, Ms.Pop/Fashion Icon [waaah happen!] lol she played off the 1st trip pretty smooth but the 2nd, dam kid ain't no way to cover up that one....C'mon Son you bust you ass.

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