2 Train story

Waddup Bloggers, So I'm on the 2 train right & those typical New York Bums gets on and everyone already quickly focuses on the nearest ...anything lol to them until this homeless guy leaves, but low & behold this guy had to be in a rank all on his own cause he was a high maintenance bum NO LIKE HE REALLY WAS as he semi cleared this train:[ Lol he was a small guy but Guess where on the train he was] from his smell alone he went around asking for any loose change after the typical mini well organized speech. But just before he got to me a lady on the train offered him a half eaten sandwich from subways [you know eat fresh] & he sad NO "I'm not that desperate" with an attitude, at that point the whole train looked at him as if he had voted for McCain, but we soon all had a good laugh, But that funny moment wouldn't last for long as he cleared the whole train with just one hand & begun to...
{Salutes} Later Bloggers!

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Anonymous said...

we iin liive iin the hood...anf the 2 traiin iis just so typiical...y0ou always kan fiind a bum on that traiin...iits liike second home...lmga0o

angel babii