Who that?

This post is all about good fun my finals are all done with, & I'm hoping I pass just at least lol, but mean while I kick back & wait for my scores to roll in enjoy this game I like to call "Who that?" (said with a ghetto voice) its old pics of today's stars lets see how many you can guess.
  • Hint: ....um ruff.
  • Hint: Hi, my name is um...
  • Hint: Seriously do you need one
  • Hint: Ask Jay Z
  • Hint: "Hold on Imma let you talk but..."
  • Hint: Roses do smell like poo
  • Hint: Wheres Nelly?
  • Hint: Wheres the White cup?
  • Hint: No its not TuPac shouts to G-unit tho
  • Hint: ..Speaking of the Unit
  • Hint: Dirty ENT "we all we got"
  • Hint: Chris Brown hands knows this face
  • Hint: Russell Simmons would know who she is.
  • Hint: T.S
  • Hint: "yeeeaaah Boy!"
  • Hint: Throw yah diamonds up
  • Hint: it was all a dream... no not Martin Luther King Jr doofus
  • Hint: Adidas sponsors her
  • Hint: Screw it you won't get it Olivia & if you thought that was bad....
  • Hint: "WHAAAAAT..........OOOOH KK! "

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