So Wale album "Attention Deficit" came out & I'm sure if your a TOXiC blogger or blogget then you cop'd two pairs already .....right. Lol but anyways I'm sure you guys don't want me to mumble on & on about how great I think this album is, but I had to mention my favorite songs on this album its called 90210 track number 7 (you should know this if you got the real album its never to late to go & get it) produced by none other then, Marc Ronson exactly 3:22 long (lol) but its sadly true involving girls today's living in LA listen to it & you'll understand, Oh another one of my favorites is "Dairy" featuring Marsha Ambrosius (4:32) this one although not my favorite really hits home cause its basically a black woman's diary, a line he stated that I'm pretty sure every man in the world had to go threw at some point is "Every problem that you ever had with another man I gotta face, started off on thin ice,I'm still here but I can't skate"...hmm -_-. (Salutes)

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